Week 6 Game Review



Cougars take the win by storm this week. The cougars all-star line up was no match for the Beavers lack of bodies this weekend. After a disappointing 16-1 halftime score, the beavers tried to build their way back into the game but it was too late with the game ending in a 19-8 win for the Cougars this week. 

Huge stat boosting game for the Cougars. Shania Denny contributed not only 3 goals to scoreboard but she also made 5 assists this game. Morgan Banaszek saw improvement in her shooting percentage with 4 goals for 6 shots. Tori Larson and Maguire Padley both added 5 goals to the cougars score. Hayley Fix and Sarah Smith each had a solid 1 goal and 1 assist. 

On the Beavers side, Hualing Yu managed to sneak 4 goals by the Cougar goalie. Katie Arnold had 2 and both Jesse Porter and Shengwen Ding made singles. 

We’ll see if this frustrating loss for the Beavers will spark something next week when they have their full roster back to take on the Cougars.