Week 1 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Beavers 13 VS CougaRS 17

BeaverS (0-1) Cougars (1-0)

What a great weekend to kick off the season. Beautiful weather, fierce competition and new faces all around.

After Tuesday's draft selection, no one knew what to expect for this season opener. Both teams showed up to prove that they were the team to beat. With a final score of 17-13, the Cougars managed to take the win this time. Shaina Denny topped the score board with 6 goals and one assist. Veterans Hayley Fix and Jesse Porter both had 4 goals and 1 assist. Morgan Banaszek added 3 goals and Nanjinger Maguire Padley added another 2 for the Cougars. The Beavers saw doubles from Hualing Yu and Suzanne Van Balveren and singles from Kimberly Link and Katie Arnold. We also had a great showing of players new to the game, improving with every shift! Rookie Lucy Anne will definitely be a player to look out for this season. Suzanne Van Balveren as always played some great defence. 

The number of local Chinese girls in our league is growing. Thank you to all the girls that come out and work hard every weekend. We are especially lucky to have SaXue, one of Team China’s goalie’s joining us this season. 

The Cougars may have snatched up this win from the Beavers this time but the Beavers are looking for a comeback next weekend!