Week 6 Game Review



Shanghai Lacrosse welcomed players from Beijing, as the Cougars recorded another W this past weekend.  Coming off knee surgery earlier this season, playmaker Trey “Beavereater" Steidle made a huge impact for the Cougs at midfield, dominating the Beaver defense and sticking 8 goals in his first game back.  Mark “Teamplayer” Collins' pocket runs deep as he frustrated defenders, fighting off double and triple teams, leading the Cougars with 4 assists, including one quick stick slam dunk to Mike “the Godfather" Elefante.

The Beavers were missing several of their key players, forcing long pole Andy “Dadbod" Coker to pick up a short stick and run midfield in the first half.  While Coker recorded 4 goals in the game, the Beavers struggled to maintain possession and contain the advances from the experienced Cougar attack. 

Scary moment during warm-ups when goalkeeper Dong “Brassballs” Zheng went down with a knee injury.  Brassballs Dong bounced back quickly and played a stellar half to seal the win for the Cougars.  Dong earned this nickname after playing keeper without a cup in his first game with Shanghai Lacrosse.  (Don’t try this at home, people.)  

See you all next week!  Stay tuned and stay wild.