League Fees & Registration


There are 13 weeks scheduled per season. Ideally we will play every weekend though the actual number of games played is subject to weather and other conditions.

Full Season Fee - 1200rmb*
Student Fee - 900rmb*
Out of Towner Fee** - 600rmb**
Drop-In Fee - 150rmb, but the first time is free

*100rmb off for players using jersey set from Spring 2018 (red & yellow)
**Out of Towner Fee applies for those commuting from outside Shanghai that will be dropping in regularly. *2018 Jersey discount applies.

Weather & Air Quality

Weather and air quality factor into game day decisions. Weather & AQI Warnings will be communicated 2 hours before the day’s first event and monitored/updated as necessary. Events will be cancelled if the AQI registers at 200+.

league registration

If you're interested in the upcoming season, please fill out the registration form below.  Please note that ALL players will be asked to help out during the year with score keeping, field set up / tear down, etc.  There will be schedules with dates and tasks for all players. If you are unable to complete your assignment it is your responsibility to switch with another player and notify your league's respective VP. 

Name *
Mobile Phone Number
Whats the highest level of lacrosse that you've played?
Jerseys are assigned in a first come first serve choice for numbers (with a select few numbers reserved for long standing members of Shanghai Lacrosse) If you sign up early before we order the jerseys, we will do our best to get you your desired jersey number!
How often will you play? The season has 13 games. Players who have arranged payment by August 31st will be considered for the League Draft for the Spring 2019 Season. Drop in players will not be drafted to a particular team but instead will be assigned to a team when they show up to play.
You will be contacted through WeChat or email to complete your transaction. Registration is not finalized until confirmation of payment.
免责声明 Disclaimer *
特此声明本人身体健康,各生理条件符合此次活动的参加标准,并同意自觉遵守上海Lacrosse俱乐部的所有规定。若因本人疏忽或因自身疾病引起活动中的受伤,死亡或损害,上海Lacrosse俱乐部将不对此负责。 I hereby declare that I am healthy, physically fit and suitable to participate in the activity and agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the Shanghai Lacrosse Club. The Shanghai Lacrosse Club shall not be liable for any injury, death, loss or damage I may suffer in this activity, use of venue, equipment and facilities due to my negligence or inadequacy in health and fitness.