Week 2 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Tigersharks 33 VS Thundercats 23



The Tigersharks ran away with the second half after standout performances by Trey Steidle (12G, 2A), Barton Wheeler (7G, 1A), Tyler Watkins (5G, 4A), and Alex Spang (3G,4A). The Thundercats were within 3 at the half but failed to pull it together in the final 30 minutes of the game. Despite the second half meltdown the Thundercats managed to make it a great team effort with 8 players contributing offensively. Mark Collins (7G, 5A), Mike Elefante (4G, 1A), Sam Heuck (3G), Jake Goodwin (2G, 1A), Yuto Kinoshita (2G,1A), Douge Delange (2G), Andy Coker (1G) and Matt Nolan (1A) all made it in the scorebook. It's all tied up going into Game 3 on 9/19, before the season opener party at Big Bamboo.