Shanghai Women's League at the Hong Kong Open 2018





Shanghai Lacrosse’s women’s team was compiled of players from around the world that have played together on previous Hong Kong Tournament teams or in Shanghai. We had old teammates and newer friends join from Hong Kong, London, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Australia. With our Ayi shirts on, Shanghai’s women’s team was ready to take on Hong Kong.



We all rocked up to play a full field lacrosse game, for some of us, this was the first full field game in quite a few years. The first game was spent feeling out the field as a team playing together for the first time.

Hong Kong B was a team full of young, energetic players that were able to run us up and down the field. Thankfully, Shanghai’s MVP, Rita Callahan, stepped up to dominate her first ever lacrosse game in goal. She naturally attacked the ball like a bad bitch. Shanghai started off strong with lots of transitions through the midfield as players worked together to find our rhythm. A few quick early goals showed Shanghai’s solid attack made up of Kate, Lindsey, Pam, Maguire, and Temi. Defense held off team Hong Kong for most of the game and Rita stepped up with some great saves resulting in only two goals from Hong Kong. A lot of the game was spent figuring out each other’s playing styles as Shanghai moved forward into their groove. That groove was found as Shanghai continued to dominate the game 13-2.



The last game of Day 2 was, thankfully, an evening game as Team Shanghai was struggling with the midday heat. Shanghai was still pumped from our earlier win and with Rita’s outstanding performance, it was with great pleasure when we all heard the news that she would step up again and remain our goalie. With the cage defended by our knight in shining armor, Rita, it gave comfort for our attack players to settle more around the goal, working the ball around for some quick sticks. As Shanghai continued to find our groove, we saw some excellent lacrosse on attack as the ball settled. Superstar Temi set an absolutely beautiful pick for Kate giving her the opportunity to roll into the fan and score. Basic lacrosse skills were being executed on both sides giving the game a fun level of intensity. Although neither team spoke each other’s languages there was no shortage of communication. Through charades and mimicking laughter sounds the teams attempted to communicate as this friendly game picked up speed. As Shanghai began to tire, Hokkaido took advantage gaining speed bringing the score to 4-4 at the half. The halftime conversation quickly turned into using our experience as players to settle the ball on attack more and pull the goalie out of the cage as we were able to drive in to the fan. Shanghai began to relax more and gained a comfortable lead which was maintained until the final whistle. Shanghai beat Hokkaido 10-6.  After the game, Temi demonstrated her TOP SECRET cradling skills to the Japanese university team. Rumor has it that they’ve been dissecting this video ever since.