Week 9 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 17 Vs elefantes 16

danimals (8-1) elefantes (1-8)

so close

Yet another close game in this season to keep our numerous spectators at the edge of their seats! This was a beautiful autumn day that couldn’t have been better for lacrosse. The sun was shining and people were jolly.

A particularly jolly player on this day was Trey. He had more than half the Danimals goals, scoring 10 points. Doug and Dylan both added 3 goals each and Mark scored 1 goal while playing defense to give the Danimals just enough for the win.

Los Elefantes goals were dominated by Jared, 5 points, and Matt, 4 points, with Josh, Connor, and Zanner getting a scatter of goals throughout the game to keep game close.

Sadly though, due to an error in the final count down, los Elefantes players, who were racing to take the lead at the end of the game, were not aware of the fast approaching second half whistle. Would this have changed anything, who knows? We try not to live in “What-ifs.”

Los Elefantes will have a chance to make amends in next weeks game.