Week 8 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 41 Vs elefantes 25

danimals (7-1) elefantes (1-7)

the slaughter, danimals with a exclamation mark clinching the championship

Remember, remember the 5th of November as the day the Danimals destroyed los Elefantes.

In this particular game, the Danimals brought out their A-Team, an elite task force scoring a whopping 41 goals to los Elefantes’ 25. Sean, Trey, Max, and Zach made up a group of four even the 3 Musketeers with D’Artagnan would be afraid to challenge. Trey scored 20 goals alone with a significant number of assists coming from Sean, 14 assists in total and 3 goals of his own. Max took 5 goals and Zach put in 9. To add to this slaughter, both Mark and Erik, playing defense the entirety of the game, each had at least 1 goal.

Even though the Danimals kept pressure on throughout the game, los Elefantes did not shy away from the challenge, playing to the last second. Midfielder Spang was among los Elefantes top scorers with 5 goals. Leading the team, however, was the duo of Dai and Jared, both having 8 goals each. Jared placed shots beautifully while Dai ran through the middle of the defense on numerous occasions, putting a combination of bounce shots and corner pockets past the Danimals goalie.

This game also solidified the Danimals as the season champions. They took to the phrase of “going out with a bang” literally when, at the end of the game, they popped a cork and champagne showered themselves.

Even though the championship has been clenched, los Elefantes do not plan to go down easy. They hope to take the remaining games home as all W’s. Let’s see if they can accomplish such a goal.