Week 7 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 26 Vs elefantes 25

danimals (6-1) elefantes (1-6)

the nail biter

There have been a number of close games this season, but this was quite interesting as the Danimals won from behind. Los Elefantes had a 1 goal lead going into the second half, but they were unable to hold that lead. This wass a one for one game and incredibly fun to watch.

The Danimals saw luck with the number 7 in this game. Bjarte brought one of his best games to show with 7 goals. His endurance and speed helped him wear out los Elefantes defense. This combined with the endurance and speed of Mark made for great teamwork between the two. Mark scored 7 goals as well while playing from both the defensive and midfield positions. Helping Bjarte and Mark score was fellow teammate Doug who managed to get 7 assists. As I said, 7 was quite the number for the Danmials in this game, though it was not the biggest. Zach decided he would stick to the traditions of the local land and score a lucky 8 goals.

Los Elefantes didn’t have any d-poles in this game nor did they have their usual goalies. Zanner and Jared split the goalie time, taking away a los Elefantes top scorer in each half. Jared still managed to score 6 goals in the first half before taking the goalie position, helping his team secure the lead for the first half. Dai was, of course, also a top scorer for los Elefantes, having 7 goals. His consistent goal scoring makes him one of the biggest threats to the Danimals each week and yet they don’t seem to have found a way to shut him out.

Next week will be the Capitol Cup in Beijing, so there won’t be a game next weekend. See you in November!