Week 6 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: elefantes 29 - danimals 25

danimals (5-1) elefantes (1-5)


This week’s game finished with los Elefantes taking home their first win in a 4 point game difference.

The two MVPs of this game were Danimals Middie Harry Elefantes Attackmen Matt. Both players scored 10 goals for their teams, putting pressure on their teammates to throw the balance off and bring more goals to one side over the other.

Jared of los Elefantes helped Matt on the drive to victory with 8 goals though he was closely matched by Danimals Middie Bjarte who had 7 goals. Elefantes Midde Zanner added another 5 goals but he too was well matched by Danimals player Mark who had 4 goals.

Needless to say, this was a great game to play in and watch. Both teams were pushing themselves at the end of the game. The Danimals trying to keep the possibility of a perfect season and los Elefantes trying to finally end their dry spell.

Let’s see if los Elefantes can maintain their momentum in next week’s game, or will the Danimals come out even stronger – wanting to take back their throne?