Week 5 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 33 Vs elefantes 32 (OT)

danimals (5-0) elefantes (0-5)

Return of the elefante

We were graced with the presence of Mike Elefante, star attack man and Godfather of Shanghai Lacrosse. He is a true asset for the team so named for the man himself, Los Elefantes. However, on the opposing side, are The Danimals. Strongly suited for battle in the colors of the Legend Danimal’s groupie days band The Greatful Dead.

The players from the Danimals side could feel the power of Mike’s presence back in Shanghai. This scared them immensely; well, all except for two. Mark of the Danimals had no fear in his eyes as he put up 10 goals against los Elefantes. The second exception: Harry. He didn’t have any previous experience playing with Mike, so for Harry, it was just another day on the field. He added to Marks impressive goal count with 9 goals of his own.

This game was a back and forth of goals on both sides.

Jake, Josh and Chris of los Elefantes each had 5 goals, giving them the nickname, the Tripple Fives (after the popular cigarette brand). The lead scorer for los Elefantes, however was Jared of Ohio, the heart of it all, they say, with 6 goals.

This game couldn’t not have been more exciting to watch. Both teams were tied with 32 goals and players were giving their all. The game ended in a tie. After much dispute, it was determined golden goal overtime would be played! This is what makes legends, legends; and in the case of this game’s winning shot, it couldn’t be truer.

Zach G. zipped his way down the field and past defenders to take a diving shot on los Elefantes cage. When he stood up to see if he was successful, the cheers from the stands solidified his place in SH lacrosse history!

It will be hard to ever top this oh so legendary of games, but we’ll see what’s in store after the Chinese National Week holiday.