Week 4 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 32 Vs elefantes 24

danimals (4-0) elefantes (0-4)

It's not over until it's over!

This game didn’t have the highest turnout in numbers. Only 8 players for the Danimals and 9 for los Elefantes. Unfortunately though, los Elefantes were required to put their top shooter, Jared, in goal during the first half. Surprisingly though, this was a great decision. Jared managed to have 21 saves while in goal. He switched places with Josh at the half, taking the field to bring his team back from a 16 to 7 halftime score. He put up 10 goals against the Danmials goalie Don, making him the MPV of the game by FAR.

On the Danimals side, they had Mark, Sean and Harry putting ‘em back like vacation beers. Mark took home 7 goals, Sean had 8 and Harry completed the numerical cycle with 9 goals! These three players worked beautifully together, especially Sean and Harry who seemed to be having a good amount of fun with los Elefantes defenders Chris and Jessie. This didn’t deter Chris’s spirits though as he took it across the half and scored 3 goals against the Danimals.

Like Chumbawamba, los Elefantes get knocked down but they get up again! The Danimals had more than doubled the score of los Elefantes in the second half yet the game ended with the Danimals only winning by 8 points.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, it may have a surprise guest!