Week 3 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 30 Vs elefantes 29

danimals (3-0) elefantes (0-3)


Strong second half by the elefantes falls just short in one goal game

This week’s tale is that of the almost comeback kids.

Both the Danimals and los Elefantes started the first half with no substitute players, striking fear into the hearts of every out-of-shape man on the field.

The Danimals built a comfortable lead in the beginning of the game. They were going up against los Elefantes new goalie Nicholas Peterson. Peterson did an excellent job against Danimals top scorers Mark Collins, Max Cassidy, and Bjarte Kvellestad, making them earn each of their goals.

Max Cassidy had one of the most well-earned goals of the game after taking several hits to get through three Elefantes defenders then diving across the crease to get his shot past Peterson.

It took Peterson a bit of time to get used to this field’s smaller size and the number of players able to drive right at the goal, fluttering him with shots like a hailstorm; but once he and los Elefantes defense got in sync, the tempo of the game started to change.

In addition to this new harmony, los Elefantes also benefited greatly from the arrival of key player Zanner Michael in the second half.

Slowly but surely, the Danimals comfortable lead was no longer comfy. Both teams were putting their all on the field and goals were going back and forth. Danimals players could feel the effect of los Elefantes substitute.

As the game started to near its end and the score grew even closer and closer, players were fiercely fighting to take home the win.

The final whistle came as a heartbreak to los Elefantes players, only down by one goal, but they felt the pride of winning that second half.

With the difference in score getting smaller each game, the Danimals will need to bring their A team to next week’s matchup… because los hungry Elefantes are itchin’ for a win!

Stay tuned and stay merry; next game will be at the usual Gubei Lu field at the usual time of 11:00 AM.