Week 11 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Elefantes 21 - Danimals 17

danimals (9-2) elefantes (2-9)

winter is coming

This game was chillier than usual with a light rain to make the conditions even worse.

Throwing was off, muscles were in danger and toes were frozen. This didn’t stop the play though, at least not at first.

The game opened with Elefantes’ superstar Dai taking the face-off against Danimal’s powerhouse Trey. Both players put in their fair share of goals, and by fare share I mean A LOT. Dai, possibly the MVP of the game, scored 10 goals against Danimals’ goalie Don, while Trey and his teammate Harry, scored a combined 13 goals.

It seemed there was little to be done in defense of Dai’s speed and accuracy. He moved through Danimals players like a warm knife in butter. Trey used his strength to power through the Elefantes defense and strike fear into anyone standing between his shot and the goal. Yadi, similar to Dai, took to speed and accuracy but also used his excellent field positioning to get up close and personal on a number of shots with Elefante goalie Nick.

Los Elefantes had the luxury of an extra sub, helping them keep fresh lungs on the field and tire out the Danimal’s defense. This, in addition to Trey pulling a muscle early into the second half, and Don splitting his toenail from a cleat related injury, led to the Danimals taking a loss.

This win for Los Elefantes comes a little late in the year but they were happy for the W none the less. Let’s see if Los Elefantes can have their first winning streak of the season in next week’s game, which also happens to be the final game of the season.