Week 10 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Danimals 34 Vs elefantes 13

danimals (9-1) elefantes (1-9)

One Sided

It’s not often that we see games have such a high score difference. What were the factors for such an outcome in this particular game, you might ask? Well let’s explain.

Three of these said factors are people. The first being Harry, who scored 14 goals for the Danimals. This high goal count along with Trey’s of 9 and Doug’s of 8 put the Danimals in a very comfortable lead.

So what was the fourth factor? That can be attributed to los Elefantes players having trouble getting the ball in the back of the cage. Connor for one was missing shots left, right, up and down… more than usual. Luckily though, Dai was on the field being his usual quick self and managed to score 7 goals. Chris was los Elefantes second highest scorer with 3 goals from the defensive position.

Los Elefantes definitely did not bring their A game to this showing and the Danimals took home an easy win.

I can see the future though and tell you for certain, next week’s game will not be a similar outcome!