Week 5 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Ayis 14 - Taitais 5

AYIs (2-2-1) TAITAIs (2-2-1)

AYIs pull even on the season with a dominating victory

A deafening loss for the Tai Tais this week, the Ayis out scoring them 15-4. With powerhouse Maguire Padley back on the field and a number of strong players the Tai Tai could not stay afloat. 

The Ayis saw a number of players contribute to the score board. Maguire with 5 goals, Morgan with 2G 1A, SaXue with 4G, Ariel with 2G 2A andMarcia with 2G 1A.

The Tai Tai had a lot of rookies out who were looking to find that chemistry but couldn't quite piece it together. In the second half, Jesse Porter was able to score the Tai Tai’s only 4 goals. 

Big game next week as Tai Tais are looking for revenge! 

Gametime Saturday 1pm, Gubei Field.