Week 3 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: Ayis 9 - Taitais 9

AYIs (1-1-1) TAITAIs (1-1-1)

Nobody wins, nobody loses, everybody goes home best friends in tie

This week numbers weren't at their best again for the taitais and the ayis but there was a strong representation from the rookies (true commitment) who were looking for constant help, support and approval from the veteran players! Both teams played consistently in the first half with the ball being moved up and down the field to place the rookies in a shooting position. Many shots were fired to no avail as our two new goalies this week were unstoppable forces in net! Some artistic twirls and spins from both sides however placed the score at 5~5 at half time. One goal of particular note was one of Jesse Porters three of the day ~a gazele like leap to score mid air just before half time. In the second, half energy levels did not drop and although there was noticeable flagging (Lucy even though she wasn't actually hungover) both teams fought hard and managed to keep it tight until the last minutes! The housewives had the lead going into the last 4 minutes and with a mixture of passing and guarding the ball managed to hold off until the 30 second claxon when the ayis made a break for it and number 8 scored a great last minute goal! At this point the draw was set and the final score announced at 9~9! Until next week ladies :)

Gametime Saturday 1pm, Gubei Field.