Week 1 Game Review

FINAL SCORE: AYis 14 - Tai Tais 10

AYIs (1-0) TAI TAIs (0-1)

The Ayis outplayed, outworked, and outlasted the Tai Tais in the first match up of the Fall 2016 season.

The Ayis came out of the gates on fire. Maguire Padley opened the scoring early in the first half. The tai tais didn’t give up though as Lucy Hunter scored not much later, swinging the momentum in favor of the Tai tais. Not much later Suzanne van Balveren and Shaina Denny both put two each in the back of the net to take the lead 7-3.

Both teams continued to battle, forcing turnovers and taking quality possessions. Both goalies played like stone walls, sealing the goals from all shots. The Ayis were able to break through and score 4 unanswered goals to tie the game at half time (7-7). 

The second half couldn’t have gone worse for the Tai Tais as Marcia the Machine joined the Ayis during the second half.  She was good for putting 4 goals in the back of the net. The Tai tais continued to pressure the Ayis causing several turnovers and disrupting the Ayis rhythm. The Ayis stepped up their game and found time to run their settled offense which proved to be just as effective as their fast breaks. 

The teams are back in action Saturday September 3rd, 1 pm Gubei Field where the Ayis will look to draw even for the season.