Hong Kong Open 2016 Results

Shanghai Men Team Up with Beijing, Ningbo, Nanjing, Taipei to Create a China Expat Lacrosse Super Power

- By Jason Ma

Most of the Bejing and Shanghai crew arrived past midnight. Averaging only about 3 hours of sleep that night, everyone woke up only a few hours later and started to make our way to the fields. Our first opponent was the elite Hong Kong Pro Performance team (HKPP), at 8am which gave the local team a huge advantage over the tired traveling team.

HKPP is the Hong Kong based club team that hosted the entire tournament. They started off very strong scoring a bunch of goals on us in the first quarter (5-1). After that we snapped out of our drowsy state and started to come together as a team. We made a comeback and played a lot better the rest of the match, however, it wasn't enough to win us the game. Our first loss was pretty bad 11-6.

Our second match was against an mostly very senior Australian based team with two very good young additions from Japan, one a skilled long-stick midfielder with some serious stick skills as well as a solid middie with a nice shot. However, having rested around 3ish hours with fresh legs and the determination to win our defense and offense were too much of a match for them. We ended the game with a win something like 15-6.

On the second day, with most of us slightly hungover and somewhat well rested, we showed up with the determination to win. The first match was against another Australian team who represented the small city of Perth. They were composed of another very senior squad and a couple of young bucks, very similar to the Shanghai expat team. Having seen them play the day before, we developed a very solid strategy and executed it phenomenally. Shanghai wins their second game on a strong note, 9-6.

The fourth game was against our biggest rival of the day, team Singapore. Their team consisted mostly of non-native players whose parents probably lived and worked in Singapore. They were young, they were talented, and they came ready to play. Right off the bat the game was quick, fast, and physical. Singaporean shooters 69 and 99 brought them up 3-1 in the first quarter. Having lost their cool in the second, and spectacular offense and defense from the our side, the Shanghai team were able to end the half in the lead 6-4. Coming out of the half team Singapore were determined to take the lead again, and having a tired team with the average age of double that the Singaporeans, they were able out run us up 3 goals. 7-6, end of the third. By the start of the 4th quarter, both teams were exhausted and bruised from the physical play and everyone giving it their all. On a side note, we had then learned that the loser of the match would have to play a 3rd game that day, and that was not something we wanted. Starting the fourth we came out strong scoring two to take the lead. They then put up three making the game 10-8. We then put another one in the back of the net 10-9. Down by one with 1:30 left to play in the game we tried our best to take the game into overtime. Unfortunately they just held the ball and played keep away to run down the rest of the clock. Personally, this was my favorite game . It was hard fought, physical, mentally exhausting and both sides have it their all. This is the definition of a good lacrosse game. 

We dreaded having to wait 4 more hours to play a 3rd game at 5pm. Our opponent was to be HKPP, who if you forgot beat us baldy the first game. Everyone was burnt from the last game against Singapore. It was late, rain started coming down and no one was enthusiastic whatsoever. Remember that this was also a team with very young players who were ready to run and gun. However, this built a fire in us, undoubtedly also fueled by some pregame warm-up beers that put in us the determination to crush this team and show them just what we were made of. We killed it 13-9.

Overall it was an amazing and really fun tournament. Seeing teams come out to represent and promote the sport made me remember what this game is all about.

Shanghai Lacrosse Women make strong debut at Hong Kong Open

- by Jesse Porter


Whirlwind of a trip to Hong Kong this weekend for the women. Facing some very talented and "strong" competition the women finished the tournament with a 2-2 record, taking home a third place finish. With no subs on Friday, the girls struggled to defend Hong Kong's fast breaks losing 5-9. The game against Team China was also a close one, but they managed to squeak out a 7-5 win. With their full force squad together on Saturday, the girls played a tough game against a young Singapore team losing 6-9 but finished 3rd in the tournament after another 8-3 win against Team China. Captain, Maguire Padley took home the women's MVP award! 

After two days of some fun lacrosse the girls had a chance to relax and explore the city. Both the Men's and Women's team enjoyed the host banquet dinner, where without a doubt, Shanghai Lacrosse cleared the restaurant of all the beer. Which was followed by a fun night outside Club 7 on Lan Kwai Fang. The next day the girls made it to the adorable Skek O Beach area for a great view, good pizza and some mediocre sun. Then onto the "quick" Dragon's Back hike. Those who stayed Sunday night and made it to Danimal's recommendation, The Wench, were lucky to witness Hayley Fix being serenaded to Prince's Purple Rain. 

Overall a great weekend to be a lacrosse player is Asia. After many delayed flights, everyone made it back home, excited for another league game this weekend!